Bovieran: Like life at the Riviera

Published 2015-06-18 in 

Warm and cosy at Bovieran

A climate controlled winter garden allows people aged 55 and over to enjoy green surroundings all year round without having to worry about snow, heat or rain. Fuktbehandling has supplied the dehumidification solution.
Bovieran comprises a traditional structure with condominiums and has a glass building envelope resting on a steel structure above the inner courtyard; a large winter garden maintained at a Mediterranean temperature. People can meet up with their friends or sit in a secluded green corner here without getting cold – all year round!
There are now nine occupied Bovieran facilities, 11 Bovieran projects “in the pipeline” and nine future projects.
Winter garden climate
The climate in the winter garden is controlled and regulated carefully using a large number of ventilation hatches and a weather facility. The roof is fitted with “greenhouse” insulating glass which provides protection from the very hottest rays of the sun and guarantees a pleasant climate all year round.
Dehumidification helps ensure a fresh indoor climate
The Bovieran winter garden is inspired by the environment and climate of the Riviera, with four different themes represented from parts of the world as diverse as the tropics, Japan, Sweden and – of course – the Riviera. The inner courtyard is home to more than 3000 plants, as well as small paths, a boules court, ponds and isolated corners as well as areas where people can socialise.
The temperature must not fall below +18 °C. Night reduction – i.e. slightly lower temperature at night – is also applied to provide conditions which are exactly the same as the ones in the plants’ natural environments. Some plants also have to remain dormant at various times of the year.  Of course, there is an enormous amount of moisture in a winter garden, with ponds and large damp areas. To guarantee a fresh, healthy indoor climate, all Bovieran facilities in Sweden are fitted with Flexisorb type dehumidifiers manufactured by Seibu Giken DST AB.
Fast solution at the first
signs of condensation

The first Bovieran facility presented a number of problems with damp, with condensation and dripping from the roof. Discussions began with Fuktbehandling and other contractors affected. Thanks to short decision paths and an efficient project team, this resulted in a combined dehumidification unit of Flexisorb type, which dehumidifies and heats the area inside the building envelope throughout the entire annual cycle. The airflow is 4 m³/s. The sorption dehumidifier is regenerated with hot water with a setpoint offset, i.e. the unit provides dehumidification or heating only if required.vid behov.
Flexisorb and district heating
Nearly all Bovieran installations have been able to use district heating, thereby considerably reducing energy costs. District heating is also a good choice from an environmental standpoint.