At ice- and curling rinks the ice has to be of as high quality as possible, while maintaining a pleasant indoor climate. The easiest way to achieve this is to regulate the humidity on the premises using a dehumidifier.

An ice rink works like an enormous cooling element. When doors are opened and closed, warmer air comes in and condensation forms, mainly on the ceiling. Drops of condensation can then drip down onto the surface of the rink and cause uneven areas. If the atmosphere is too damp, there is a risk of corrosion damage and mold, and it also makes the indoor air cold, damp and unpleasant for people. Humid air can cause mist inside the ice rink, which leads to the ice having to be washed down frequently. Humidity problems at ice rinks can be resolved by installing a dehumidifier and so reducing the ambient humidity to the required level.


Curling rinks
High quality ice rinks which are particularly well prepared are necessary for curling. At curling rinks, controlling the atmosphere according to the dew point of the air is necessary instead of regulating the relative humidity.

When outdoor air penetrates into a curling rink, it has to be dealt with by a dehumidifier; otherwise the moisture will freeze onto the surface of the ice. If the moisture does freeze onto the surface of the ice, the ice becomes “rough” and is not good enough for curling to be played on it.