Control the moisture in wood storages with a dehumidifier

Wood which is sawn and dried is especially sensitive to moisture changes, because sawn materials are searching for equilibrium with ambient air humidity. The wood is adapting to both temperature and the moisture in the surrounding.

Storing sawn timber
Dried and sawn wood that is used for furniture production shouldn’t have a moisture ratio in excess of 8-9%. Wood being used for doors and windows should have a moisture ratio of 12%. If this kind of timber is stored in an area without dehumidification, the quality may vary greatly. Varying moisture levels may cause the structure of the wood to change, which may cause problems with processing the wood during final production. This can lead to that the end customers are not satisfied with their product. So the biggest threat to the quality of the wood is sharp fluctuations in climate and varying humidity of the surrounding air.

Dehumidification optimised for stores selling wood
The purpose of dehumidification of wood storage for the wood products industry is to always achieve a constant indoor climate so that the timber supplier can guarantee its end customers consistently high quality of its products. Recusorb from Seibu Giken DST AB works with heat recovery and can use steam, electricity, gas or hot water as regeneration power source. Recusorb dehumidifiers can optimise the indoor climate of wood storage in order to ensure quality.

Controlled climate ensures quality
The moisture ratio and relative humidity are practically independent of the temperature on the premises. But heating costs can be reduced if you regulate the indoor climate after the dew point instead of after relative humidity.