Customized dehumidifiers for process industry

Flexisorb enables each industrial dehumidifier system to be tailored to meet the varying needs of the process industry. We offer everything from basic desiccant dehumidification to a complete climatic control system. With total flexibility in design, these highly efficient industrial dehumidifiers are structured around the rotor to conform precisely to customers’ specifications. Dehumidification is the prime objective of Flexisorb, and whilst pre-cooling is often required, post cooling and post heating can also be included. With available air flows up to 61 000 m³/h, the Flexisorb system offers one of the most versatile air drying systems available today.

The Flexisorb units are constructed using an anodised aluminium frame. The smooth interior design, with no sills or pockets, and external locks on the hatches make the inside easy to wash so as to maintain good hygiene levels. Stainless steel panels are available as an optional extra for dehumidification in demanding environments. Our dehumidifiers are tested at our factory so as to keep the start-up time to a minimum when they are installed.


Capacity: 19 - 300kg/h* / Dry air flow: 900 - 61100m3/h

*Dehumidifying capacity at 20°C / 60%RH