This unit has the RL principle with a very effective heat recovery sector

On both process and regen sides there are F7 panel filters as standard equipment. The chassis is in stainless steel with all components inside. For control, we can panel mount regulator EH3 or humidistat EH4 and even have the unit with PLC C4 with Modbus communication and graphic screen with touch function. There are possibilities for VSD’s on both fans, linear capacity control and filter guards.


WAC-40 Wet air condenser.
Connect the WAC-40 to your dehumidifier when wet air cannot be ducted out.
Suitable for dehumidifiers RL-60R, RL-60LR and RL-61.

  • Control and electric supply from the dehumidifier
  • No heat loss, heat stays in the room in form of heated cooling air and dried process air
  • Easy removable heating package for maintenance
  • Quick installation


Capacity: 7.5 - 11.5kg/h* / Dry air flow: 1 300 - 2 100m3/h

*Dehumidifying capacity at 20°C / 60%RH