Dehumidification protects WATERWORKS AND PUMP STATIONS

In waterworks and pump stations, problems often occur with condensation on cold surfaces. A DST dehumidifier will reduce the humidity in the air and the result will be a condensation and corrosion free room.

Water, our most important provision
Less than 3% of all the water on Earth is freshwater, of which we use around 1%. Energy-efficient processing in a clean environment maintaining high levels of hygiene is important on the premises where water is processed. Rust and condensation have no place in water works or pump stations.

Moisture problems at waterworks and pump stations
Moisture problems at waterworks and pump stations occur mainly in the summer, when the outdoor air has a high water content. The humid outdoor air penetrates into waterworks, for example, by means of controlled ventilation or infiltration. A moisture load arises due to evaporation from walls and from free water surfaces as well. A water pipe with a surface temperature of 41ºF requires the water content of the air to be reduced to no more than 5.5 g/kg so as to ensure that no condensation is formed. Dehumidification has to take place in order to reduce the water content of the air; increasing the temperature does not affect the water content or the dew point.

Dehumidification does away with harmful moisture
With a dehumidifier from Seibu Giken DST, the water content can be reduced and controlled to ensure that no condensation occurs. This also prevents corrosion damage, electric components deterioration and flaking paint, while at the same time ensuring that the premises are fresher.