Published 2014-08-25 in 

Seibu Giken DST AB has developed a small dehumidifier unit that has an unusually low sound level; the CS-5 which emits a sound level of only 49dB (A). The CS-5 unit is designed to meet the demand for a small convenient desiccant dehumidifier which can be placed in tight spaces, such as under a sink in the event of a water damage. With CS-5, the wet air is easily removed by a hose. The dehumidifying capacity of the CS-5 unit is 0.35 to 0.4 kg/h (at 20°C / 60%RH)

The advantage of such a quiet dehumidifier is that people in apartments and houses often are still living while dehumidifying minor water damage, and with the CS-5 they will not be disturbed by the sound of a dehumidifier.
CS-5 weighs only 9 kg and is built so that it will be easy to service.

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