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The 14’th of January, in 1985, DST was founded.

Today, DST celebrates 30 years in business!
The original staff was 2 persons, the founders themselves.
In 1993, DST became subsidiary to Seibu Giken, a long term companionship which has been very fruitful and which have contributed to the positive reputation of DST’s dehumidifiers with the high capacity rotors.
Today we are nearly 30 employees in Sweden, 54 at DST China and DST also has 2 subsidiaries; DST Poland and DST America. Seibu Giken DST also stands strong on the world-market thanks to our world-wide net of knowledgeable representatives, most of them has been cooperationg with DST for decades.

After 30 years in business, DST can also present a wide range of desiccant dehumidifiers for various climates and conditions.
We at DST now look forward to continue managing and developing this heritage!